Thorsby Junior/Senior High School

Staff vs Students Hockey Game


The stands were full of excited fans at the first ever Staff vs Students Hockey Game on Friday, December 9. Students from Grades 7-12 competed against a motley crew of staff members. Festivities began with the singing of O Canada by Emma K and Anna.

It was a high paced game with only 2 penalties given out by refs Brody M and Kale P. to Mr. Van Horn and Mr. Mitchell. Students dominated the game with goals from Tucker S, Kolter P, Andrew, Ryan C. Hayden and Kolby. Staff were able to keep up with goals from Mr. Feil, Mr. Dykstra, Mr. Pawlick, Mrs. Waters and Mr. Mitchell. At the end of the third period the  score was  7-7. A shoot out ensued and Mr. Mitchell scored the winning goal.

Thanks  to Mr. Feil for organizing the game. Also a huge thank you to all of the members of the staff team which was accompanied by members of the community. Thanks as well to the people who came to watch the game. We hope it will become a yearly event.

Team Rosters:

Student Team

  • Isaac Scheetz
  • Kennedy Crow
  • Ryan McLeod
  • Riley Fritz
  • Kolby Kuzio
  • Andrew Jacob
  • Connor Crow–Student Team Goalie!
  • KaCey Dempster
  • Hayden Rhody
  • Conrad Mitchell
  • Ty Hazen
  • Tucker Stefure
  • Jodi Jacob
  • Riley Taylor
  • Kolter Pawlick
  • Ryan Chrunik

Staff Team

  • Mr. N. Kohlert–Our “Ringer” goalie
  • Mr. C. Pawlick
  • Mr. M. Ruhr
  • Mr. Probe
  • Mr. B. Mitchell
  • Mr. P. Rault
  • Mr. G. Mitchell
  • Ms K. Powlik
  • Mrs. S Morrissey
  • Mrs. Fouillard
  • Mrs. K. Waters
  • Mrs. Coles
  • Mr. Feil
  • Mr. Dykstra
  • Mr. Ganton
  • Mr. Van Horn

Please check out some pictures from the game.