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Curriculum Redesign

Introducing Curriculum Design

Alberta’s existing education system is highly regarded and Albertans are proud of the achievements of our students. But the world has changed and continues to change quickly. We live in a dynamic, technological global economy and society.

Thousands of Albertans participated in Inspiring Education, a province-wide consultation that brought Albertans together to talk about the future of teaching and learning. Albertans recognized that our education system needs to adapt to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities of a constantly evolving world. Through the Inspiring Education dialogues, Albertans identified a vision for the future of education where all students are inspired to achieve success and fulfillment as engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Curriculum Redesign is one of the initiatives helping to bring the vision of Inspiring Education to life. It is an opportunity to review Alberta’s provincial curriculum to ensure it is engaging, relevant and enables students to reach their full potential.

About Curriculum Redesign

Through Curriculum Redesign, Alberta Education is revising provincial curriculum, which includes programs of study, assessments, and learning and teaching resources, as well as the processes for developing these components of curriculum. This initiative reflects the province’s commitment to continually improve its work in providing a world-class, student-centred curriculum for students now and in the future.

Curriculum Redesign is not a conversation unique to Alberta. School jurisdictions around the world are recognizing the need to change from a system that has many characteristics of an industrial era to one that better meets the needs of students in a dynamic and global economy and society. By acknowledging and responding to these changes, we are ensuring that we continue to prepare students well.

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