Black Gold School Division
Thorsby Junior/Senior High School

Weekly Update 10/14/20


THS Community,

School Community – Mental Health Literacy – There is a free mental health literacy session put on by the Mental Health Capacity Building team of Black Gold School Division.  The session is virtual on October 15th from 6:30-8:00.  Here is the poster and the Registration Link

School Community – Parent Teacher Interview change – PTIs will take place during the week of November 16th-20th.  They will be completed by requesting a phone call from your students teacher.  More information will follow on how to book time slots.  As always if you have something to discuss prior to that week please either email your students teacher or call the school to contact them. 

Junior High Community – seat plan changes – since the beginning of the school year classes at the junior high level have been sitting in alphabetical order.  In some classes these plans have changed in an effort to maximize student participation and learning.  Seat plans will be adjusted throughout the school year.

School Community – Halloween costumes –  On October 30th students will be invited to dress up during the school day for Halloween.  Parents should discuss costume choices with their students to make sure that they are appropriate for school/a place of work.  We ask that costumes allow students to be identifiable (no full face masks), not include weapons, and be culturally appropriate/sensitive.  Please note that a non-medical face mask will still be required to be worn during parts of the school day in accordance with CMOH order 33.  

School Community – Safety drills – We will soon be completing our Hour Zero safety drills (fire drills, lockdowns, etc.).  These will be completed class by class instead of as a whole school to minimize movements.

School Community – Order 33 – As we continue into the school year we have now seen 3 of the BGSD schools needing to isolate classes due to cases of COVID-19.  We are all in this together and as such need to continue to follow CMOH order 33 which stipulates that students need to wear non-medical face masks at school.  Students are permitted to take off their masks if they are seated in their classrooms in rows.  Students need to wear their masks in class if they are turning to talk to other students in the classrooms. 

School Community – PTA meeting – There is a PTA/School Council meeting next Tuesday October 20.  If you would like to attend virtually please contact the school for the zoom meeting link.

Have a great short week.