Black Gold School Division
Thorsby Junior/Senior High School

Weekly Update 10/19/20


Grade 7 – Catch up on grade 6 immunization – AHS is scheduled to be at the school on Monday afternoon to get the grade 7 class caught up on their immunizations.  If your student is on distance learning and would like to attend to get their immunization please call the school in the afternoon to set up a time.


School Community – Picture day – Following the guidelines set in place by our Board of Education our picture day was moved to November 19.  Retakes will be scheduled for sometime in December.  Distance learning students will be included in their own time slot, please notify school if your distance learning student will be attending picture day.

Current schedule for pictures: Grade 12(8:35-9:15), Grade 11 (9:20-10:00), Grade 10 (10:05-10:45), Grade 9 (10:50-11:30), Grade 8 (12:15-12:45), Grade 7 (12:50-1:30), Distance Learning (1:45-2:30).


Grad Community – Grad Pictures – Scheduled for November 23rd.  Your student has the schedule on their Grad 2021 google classroom.


School Community – PTA Meeting – There will be a PTA meeting on Tuesday October 20.  This is the AGM for the school council.  It will be conducted over zoom.  If you are interested in attending you can contact the school for the meeting link.


School Community – Hotmail and problems with school messenger – One issue that schools have seen in regards to contacting parents through school messenger is that if the parent has a hotmail account some of the emergency broadcasts can be flagged as Spam.  If you have a hotmail account linked to your students account it might be a good idea to set a school messenger message as a safe contact.


Grade 11 and 12 Community – Diploma exams – As you may have heard the Education Minister announced last week that diploma exams for quartered classes have become optional for students to write.  At this time diploma exams for TJSHS classes ending in January are still required as they have not been deemed optional by the Minister.  If this changes we will make sure to update the school community


School Community – Reminder about AHS protocols – If your child is sick with one of the top 5 COVID-19 related symptoms: Runny nose; sore throat; cough; fever; shortness of breath/difficulty breathing.  They are legally required to self-isolate for 10 days after the onset of symptoms or symptoms clear whichever is longer. If they are tested for COVID-19 and are negative they no longer need to isolate, however the school would request that you keep them home until symptoms resolve as to not pass the cold to another student/family and start the process for them.  Please refer to the AHS Symptom Flow Chart for more information. 

If a student presents with other symptoms: chills; painful swallowing; stuffy nose; headache; muscle or joint ache; feeling unwell, fatigue or severe exhaustion; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or unexplained loss of appetite; loss of sense of smell or taste; conjunctivitis (pink eye).  It is advised that students stay home to minimize their contact with others and can return to school when their symptoms are gone.  Please refer to the AHS Secondary Symptoms Flow Chart for more information.


School Community – Allergies – Just a reminder that if your student has allergies please provide a school with a doctors note outlining the symptoms of those allergies.  These can then be considered a student’s baseline.


School Community – End of Quarter 1 soon – Just a reminder that marks for quarter 1 will be finalized in about 3 weeks.  You should be logging on and checking your child’s marks in PowerSchool.  If you don’t have access to your PowerSchool please contact the school office.