Black Gold School Division
Thorsby Junior/Senior High School

Weekly Update 10/26/20



Weekly Update 10/26/20


School Community – Flu Vaccination and COVID – Alberta Health Services has released some guidelines for students that will be getting their Flu vaccination.  The recommendations concern the fact that some students may experience COVID like symptoms after their vaccination.  AHS is recommending that if a student becomes symptomatic after vaccinations they are to isolate, however, if those symptoms resolve within 48 hours of the vaccination that they no longer need to isolate and can return to regular life.  THS would then advise to have students vaccinated on a Thursday or Friday so that if they become symptomatic it would be over the weekend and if symptoms resolve would be able to return to school on Monday.

School Community – Sick Sibling – Just a reminder that if a child’s sibling is sick they do not need to stay home and isolate if they themselves are not exhibiting symptoms of illness.  If the sick sibling or other close contact tests positive for COVID-19, then and only then would the sibling need to isolate.

School Community – Illness and Classwork/Homework – All of the teachers at TJSHS are updating their google classrooms daily.  If your child is away for any length of time their homework and daily notes can be found on google classroom.  Students are expected to keep up on their work while they are away from school.  Students and parents can also email individual teachers regarding progress.  All teacher emails can be found on the TJSHS website:

School Community – Grad Poinsettia Fundraiser – The grads have started their fundraiser for Poinsettias.  If you are interested in supporting the grad class and ordering you can either order directly from a graduate or use their online ordering link.  Online Ordering Link.  Orders are due Tuesday November 17 at 12:00am.  The link does say for the Student Union, however all profits from this fundraiser will go to the graduates.

2021 Grad Community – Grad President – Congratulations to McKinlee Coles on being selected as the 2021 Grad president.  She will work with Mrs. van Steenis, Ms. Gramlich and Ms. Wohlgemuth and the rest of the 2021 class and parents to prepare for grad 2021.

School Community – School Fees – Fees have now been added to your parent portal on PowerSchool.  If you don’t have access to PowerSchool please contact the office.

School Community – Halloween – Just a reminder that students are allowed to dress up this Friday October 30th.  We ask that parents ensure that costumes are school/workplace appropriate.  Please note that no full face coverings or fake weapons are allowed.  Non-medical face masks are still a requirement for the day as per CMOH order 33.  

School Community – Dressing for Weather – Please make sure that you are sending your student to school dressed appropriately, we have noticed students getting off of buses or walking to school in minus temperatures without coats, etc.  Risks of frostbite etc are going to become more likely as temperatures get colder.

School Community – Lockers – In the same vein as above BGSD has given schools the opportunity to use their hallway lockers.  At this point the lockers at TJSHS will remain out of use.  As weather changes we may open the usage of lockers to store coats/boats etc.  However, with cohorting daily time-wasted at lockers currently outweighs the need of said locker.

School Community – Marks reminder – second reminder that quarter 1 ends on November 6th when teacher marks are due.  That means that individual teachers may be setting deadlines as early as Friday October 30th to hand materials in for marks during quarter 1.

School Community – 2019/2020 Yearbooks – The 2019/2020 yearbooks have arrived.  If you haven’t already purchased one we have some extra copies for purchase.  You can purchase these either online or at the office for $50.

School Community – Picture Day – Just a reminder that school pictures are on November 19th.  Last week’s update had a schedule for class times.

School Community – FCSS Babysitting Course – This was also in our newsletter earlier this month, but Thorsby FCSS is holding a babysitter training course November 7th.  Please see that attached poster for more information. Poster

School Community – Upcoming Break – Just a reminder that there is no school on November 11 (Remembrance Day) or November 12,13 (Mid Term Break)