Second Annual Staff vs Students Hockey Game

Official Summary:

It was the day before the holidays

and all through the school

The students were whirring

Nor listening to rules

The hockey forms were all in

Except for those in study hall

The students thought they would win

But in the end, the teachers rule all

It started off close

When the students leapt ahead

But the teachers scored 10 times

To crush the kid’s dreams instead


–I want to thank everyone who attended the game. Having fans come out and support makes the Staff vs Student game so much fun! Next year we are hoping to have even more fans out for the 3rd Annual Staff vs Students Hockey Game.   (Mr. Feil)

Shop Projects

There are some amazing projects coming out of our shop this year. Take a look at a few of the finished projects.

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Terry Fox Run

Students and Staff participated in the Terry Fox Run on Tuesday, October 4. It was a chilly walk/run. Mr. Van Horn had some stiff competition with students to see who finished first!

Bio 20 Field Trip to Devonian Gardens

Mr. Van Horn took his Bio 20 students to the Devonian Botanical Gardens on Friday, September 30. Check out some of the pictures.