Thorsby Junior/Senior High School


Monday June 24 Chemistry 30, Grade 7 and 8 Social FInal, Grade 9 Math (Part B)

Supports for Students

Black Gold Regional Schools and our partners offer a number of supports to students. For more information, please select this link:

Supports for Students

You can support your child’s learning (School Act, Section 16.2) by:

  • working in partnership with school staff;
  • providing a quiet place for your child to study at home;
  • keeping current with your child’s progress online through the Power School Portal.
  • staying informed and keeping in touch with school staff. This includes reading newsletters and other school materials; and
  • participating in parent-teacher conferences.
  • You can learn more about your child’s courses at this link:

Teachers will help your child succeed (School Act, Section 18) by:

  • providing programming that is suitable for your child;
  • providing many opportunities and different ways for students to show what they know;
  • giving students who’ve missed important assessments and activities the chance to complete the work, as specified in the course outline;
  • providing a course outline for all courses that clearly explains what’s expected of students and how student work will be graded/marked;
  • keeping detailed, accurate notes describing your child’s successes and challenges;
  • communicating with you regularly about your child’s progress and achievement; and providing opportunities for you to be involved in your child’s learning.

Students have a responsibility for their own learning (School Act, Section 12) and are expected to:

  • come to school every day and on time;
  • finish their assignments, projects and tasks to the best of their ability;
  • participate in activities to celebrate learning;
  • demonstrate that they are learning; and
  • take advantage of chances offered to revise or redo assignments or tests so they can show growth in their knowledge and skills.

Personal Counselling Links
Grief Counselling:

Parents – Supporting-Your-Child