Thorsby Junior/Senior High School


Monday June 24 Chemistry 30, Grade 7 and 8 Social FInal, Grade 9 Math (Part B)


 Minimum requirements for students to attain an Alberta High School Diploma

Click the following links for a PDF copy of the minimum requirements for a:

High School Diploma

High School Certificate of Achievement

Criteria for potential grads to participate:

  • As of April 5th 2024, all of the following criteria must be met if a potential grad is to participate in the Thorsby Sr. High School graduation celebration as a graduate.(Notes: 1,2)
    • Student need to be passing their required courses.
    • Student needs to be enrolled in courses so they will:
      • Have sufficient credits as per their program of studies at the end of June  2022.
      • Have the credits in the required courses as per their program of studies at the end of June, 2021.
    • Students working on alternate Delivery Courses must have:
      • 75% completion of year long course(s).
      • 50% completion of semester 2 course(s).


  1. Students not meeting the aforementioned criteria can still participate in the ceremony as an undergraduate, undergraduates will not be permitted to take part in all events in the graduation ceremony such as but not limited to:
    1. receiving of diploma, scroll and pin
    2. having their picture included on the Grad Composite in the TJSHS hallways
    3. being listed as a graduate in the TJSHS yearbook
  2. Student can appeal their undergraduate status up to three days prior to the graduation ceremony.

Thorsby Junior Senior High School Valedictorian Policy

Valedictorian will be calculated on a modified Rutherford Scholarship policy.  To be considered for Valedictorian a student must have taken English 30-1, Social 30-1 and Math 30-1, English 20-1, Social 20-1 and Math 20-1 in their time at Thorsby Junior Senior High School (TJSHS).  

The marks in the aforementioned classes will be averaged with the next two highest marks at each of the 2000 (grade 11) and 3000 (grade 12) level(notes: 1,2,3,4,5) to obtain a combined overall average of grade 11 and 12.  Under normal circumstances the highest combined average will be offered the Valedictorian position, if they turn down the position it will be offered to the next highest average until a student accepts the position.  In the event that two students are within one percentage point of each other after the calculation a committee of teachers at TJSHS will be formed to discuss the extra qualities of the candidates (citizenship, school participation, etc) and the committee will recommend a Valedictorian for that year.

Valedictorian calculations will be completed by the principal a minimum of one month prior to the graduation ceremony.  Any student may appeal the calculation, the appeal must be brought forth to the principal in writing within a week of the completed calculation.


  1. At the 2000 and 3000 level:
    1.  five one-credit options can be combined and used as an option 
    2. one three-credit option plus two one-credit CTS modules can be combined
    3. Two three-credit options can be combined
  2. Classes with marks that are outside of the schools purview will not be used in the calculation of Valedictorian these include by are not limited to:
    1. Work Experience and associated classes HCS 3000 and HCS 3010
    2. Green Certificate and associated class AGR 3000
    3. Summer School classes
  3. Current marks in semester 2 of grade 12 can be used in the calculation, the mark will be considered locked in on the day calculations are completed.
  4. Courses listed as a ‘Pass’ on a high school transcript  are equivalent to a 50% mark
  5. CALM can be taken in any grade, but the final mark can be used in the grade 11 year