Thorsby Junior/Senior High School



Students are encouraged to bring their own device to school to use for educational purposes.  Students will be able to connect their devices to WiFi at the school using their student accounts.

For more information on how this is managed please visit the Black Gold BYOED site

The school also has 4 chromebook carts that students will be allowed to use during class time for educational purposes.

TJSHS Student Personal Electronic Device Policy

The misuse of cell phones in the school can be cause for concern. Following are some of the issues that can occur:

  • Students sending and receiving text messages during class time.
  • Students having inappropriate material in electronic format on their cell phones.
  • Students recording video and photos.
  • Students jeopardizing exam security by text messaging answers.
  • Student phones ringing during class time.


At Thorsby Junior Senior High School, students are not to use cell phones during their classes unless the teacher gives permission to use it for instructional purposes. Students may use their phone before classes, at breaks, at lunch time and after school.

  • If cell phones are brought to school, we recommend they be turned off and kept in the student’s locker during class time.
  • The school will not be responsible for the loss of cell phones.

Action taken if a student violates this policy:

Students using their cell phones during class time will be asked to put them away. If they continue to use their cell phones, the teacher will treat this as defiance and it will become a discipline issue. Parents will be notified of the their child’s cell phone infractions.

Continuation of Cell Phone Offenses: Student may be suspended from attending school classes for defiance.

Inappropriate use of cell phones may lead to detentions, suspensions, expulsions and/or RCMP involvement.